Welcome to Play Poker PayPal

Welcome to Poker PayPal

If you have been searching for the best Poker PayPal sites on the internet, then you are in luck. We are here to show you which online poker sites accept PayPal as a funding option when you are ready to hit them Texas Holdem and Omaha tables.

We also provide you with a full lineup of multiple tips and advice to help make your online gambling experience a positive and exciting one.

PokerStars PayPal Review


Love them or hate them, PokerStars and PayPal are at the top their respective games. So what does this pairing have to offer us and what should we be aware of in order to make our PayPal PokerStars experience as smooth as possible?

In this PayPal poker site review we look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing poker using the world’s most famous eWallet at the world’s most famous poker website. In short:

  • PokerStars’ size means that it has a lot of resources to invest in making your experience as enjoyable as possible.
  • PayPal’s pervasiveness has seen it adopted by players and poker sites alike.

But things haven’t always been smooth sailing… [Read more…]

Ladbrokes Poker PayPal Review


So what exctaly do you get from Ladbroke when you sign up?

Ladbroke offers you a whole set of bonuses the moment you decide to sign up and play PayPal Poker. The first and main bonus is a 100% sign up bonus, up to an amazing amount of money: $500!

That means that when you first purchase poker chips, Ladbroke will double your chips amount. You can put as small amount as $100 and get $100 for free, or you can put the maximum amount, $500, and get $500 free! And this is just for starters…

In Ladbroke Poker there is a Smart Player Points (SPP) system which can be used later for special tournaments, unique offers, and the most important of all – they are also worth money!
The more you play more Poker, the more Player Points you win, and the more money you can get back! So how does it work?

  • 30% Rake Back – Players with a balance of at least 25,000 SPPs will receive an automatic cash payment of 30% of their rake contribution
  • 25% Rake Back – Players with a balance of between 10,000 and 24,999 SPPs who have submitted the relevant claim form will receive a cash payment of 25% of their rake contribution
  • 20% Rake Back – Players with a balance of between 5,000 and 9,999 SPPs who have submitted the relevant claim form will receive a cash payment of 20% of their rake contribution

But bonuses is not everything when deciding which poker site to play with, there are other important aspects as the safety of the gambling company, its reputation, the playing terms and the payment methods! We recommend you first reading our gambling sites reviews, so your decision will be wise and knowledge. [Read more…]

Betfair Poker PayPal Review


You won’t find many places that let you play poker with PayPal AND receive great bonuses!

Aside from the many benefits that PayPal offers as the primary method for your online gambling transaction needs, you also get to reap the benefits Betfair Poker has to offer its players, new and old.

So what exactly can a poker player get from Betfair Poker using his PayPal account?

  • The Signup Bonus – The signup bonus offered by Betfair Poker to new players is $150. To avail of this, you only need to sign up and play your first hand. What’s more is that Betfair Poker doesn’t oblige its new players to accomplish any matching deposit requirements in order to get this bonus.
  • The Refer-a-Friend Bonus – For every friend that you’ve referred to sign up at Betfair Poker, you get to earn $100. Your friend will also get $50 as a welcome bonus.
  • The Bonus Code – PayPal and Betfair Poker offer an exclusive bonus code for its players. Simply enter the bonus code of PP1500 when you sign up, and you get to earn an additional $1,500, $1,000 or $1,000.
  • The Special Promotional Code – Another promo that Betfair Poker offers is their special promotional code. When you deposit an amount of $20 minimum, you can make use of their promotional code, BFP600, to earn $600, depending upon the terms given by the poker site.
  • The Freerolls – Betfair offers $500 Monthly Freeroll if you get 200 Betfair Poker Player Points, and new players will also get $1,000 New Player Freeroll. At Betfair Poker, you can join in any of the freeroll tournaments held daily for a chance to win a seat at the WSOP Europe, provided you’ve reached 250 Betfair Poker Player Points.

With all these great promos and bonuses, you really need not look further for a chance to play Poker because Betfair Poker offers you all the benefits to add cash to your bankroll and maximize its potential. [Read more…]


Online gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes on the Internet and we are here to help you to find the best playing site for your individual experience.

Whether you are an avid player or are just beginning to learn the game, we can help you to locate the online casino site that best fits your personal playing preferences. Imagine having the ability to play while sitting comfortably at home.

Now imagine that scenario and conveniently using your Pay Pal account to put money into your online casino account! Playing poker using PayPal has made it possible for many players who otherwise would be unable to play poker or bingo paypal to engage in this exciting and popular game. If you have any questions about Poker PayPal, or which sites provide you with this payment method option, be sure to browse through our extensive information and always feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay! Play French Poker sites – Jeux de poker

After years of being absent from the poker world, PayPal has once again opened its doors and offered its services to the online gambling industry, allowing poker players to use their PayPal accounts to deposit and withdraw funds for their online gambling transaction needs. But PayPal has given this privilege to only two poker sites, one of which is Betfair Poker, the top choice of poker players using PayPal accounts.

PayPal Poker Bonuses

Some online poker operators actually encourage you to make your deposits with a specific online banking or payment method. Ukash casino bonuses are pretty common and can net you an extra 5-10% on top of your regular deposits, which you can use to spin extra slots or roll extra dice.

Special poker bonuses with PayPal deposits are extremely rare. While Ukash deposits are very cheap for online casinos to process, PayPal charges more making it less attractive for operators. None of which detracts signficantly for its attraction to players – PayPal remains an extremely efficient and secure banking option.

Special Promotions

Whatever payment method you opt for, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for special promotions that enable you to earn extra loyalty points or get access to additional freeroll poker games. Importantly, while these promotions will typically require you to spend real money on poker (and contribute a certain amount to rake) in order to qualify, PayPal poker sites are not usually too fussy where your money comes from, so as long as you make sure you’re seeing plenty of pots it doesn’t matter how you funded your account.