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Posted by seema | On: Feb 15 2012

Omaha Poker is a variant of Texas Hold ‘em, which is among the most popular online casino games available in the online casino scene. The players who love to play Texas Hold’em online will have no trouble understanding the rules of Omaha Poker. In fact, online Omaha Poker is surpassing the popularity of Texas Hold’em.

The major reason that this online casino game is gaining more popularity is that the chances to win in Omaha Poker online is double than the chance in regular Texas Hold’em. Instead of two cards that are dealt in Texas Hold’em poker, Omaha Poker players are dealt with four cards.

In the basic mode of Omahapoker online, the player who holds the combination of cards with the highest value wins the jackpot for the game.

Another version of Online Omaha Poker is known as Hi/Lo Omaha Poker. In this game, the player with the highest card combination and the player with the lowest card combination both share the jackpot money. Thus, the chances to win are much better in Hi/Lo Omaha Poker. With Hi/Lo, all is not lost when you see the low value of your cards. It might in fact turn the tables over for you.

There are three kinds of Omaha Poker Games available on the site. Limit Omaha Poker has a specific betting limit for each round of betting. The players have to place their bets based on the limits. In Pot Limit Poker, a player can make their bets depending on what is available in the pot and in no limit Omaha Poker, the player is allowed to bet up to any amount. Obviously the high rollers go for no limit Omaha Poker games.

Several sites are offering Poker online games for players today. Party Poker, Royal Vegas Casino, Poker Stars, 888 Poker and pacific poker are some of the major sites that offerOmahapoker games.

Play Omaha Poker @ Royal Vegas

Party Poker is one major online poker site that offers several versions of Omaha Poker. Omaha Poker and Omaha Hi/Lo Poker and Omaha Poker Tournaments are available at thisUKpoker online site.

Royal Vegas has another poker online site that offers all major types of Omaha Poker online. This site is also offering many different types of poker tournaments for the players.

Poker Stars is also a major provider for online poker games and also offers Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo games for casino online players. There is also a nice range of free poker games that you can enjoy at Pokerstars.Com.

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