PokerStars PayPal Review

Posted by admin | On: Jun 12 2012

PokerStars acceptance of the PayPal eWallet brings together the most loved and most hated poker sites and payment methods. PokerStars lovers will tell you that it’s currently offers the best mix of large player pool, slick software and value for money. PayPal lovers point to its security, ease of use and privacy.Sounds like a winning combination!

However, in both cases there are doubters. PokerStars and PayPal haters are convinced that they are being ripped off and can get better value elsewhere.

PokerStars Players

There’s little doubt about one thing: PokerStars currently brings together more UK poker players every day than any other site. This brings many more advantages than it does disadvantages:

  • Mix of abilities – pro players like PokerStars because they are not always playing against the same people who might begin to recognise their moniker and avoid tables at which they are sat.
  • Varied stakes –  a large player pool means that a site is able to offer much more varied stakes. This is great for all players and helps to ensure that you will get a game with people of a similar poker ability.
  • Table options – similarly the choice of games at PokerStars is huge. Every variety of poker is on offer from the classics like no limit hold’em to bizarre 7-card stud tables where you are constantly amazed that there are enough players to make a game.
  • Game features – a big poker site with a lot of players can include more features and invest in better technology than the smaller start-ups

However, a large pool does incur one or two disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Bots – on the one hand a big poker operator like PokerStars can develop the best algorithms to detect poker ‘bots’ (computer programmed poker players). It should have more data than any other operator to devise methods for identifying where a computer is playing instead of a human being. On the other hand a big player pool may make it easier for bots to hide.
  • Sharks – we hope this is obvious to everyone but beginner players should avoid playing high stakes tables because there will surely be a shark (pro player) there waiting to take your money.

Neither of these disadvantages feel very convincing – you should only ever play stakes you are comfortable with losing and so far poker bots are at best only as good as an average player and most are much worse. So what other reasons are there to embrace or avoid PokerStars?


It’s hard to think of any reason why PokerStars’ huge range of features would be cause to avoid it unless perhaps you prefer to keep things really simple. That said, building quality poker software is an extremely competitive business and you can find many other operators out there offering exactly the same game that PokerStars does, although typically without the same broad range of stakes, tables and pot limits.

A great example of this is PokerStars new mobile app. Other mobile poker apps also do sit’n’go tournaments. Some do Omaha with high stakes. Others let you multi-table on your iPad. However, PokerStars is the only app that will do all of these and more.

This is true with the online poker banking methods it offers too. Nowhere else will you find the same range of account funding alternatives, which of course includes PayPal.

PayPal Funded Poker

Choosing PayPal to fund your poker play is a much easier decision than it ever used to be – there is now much more choice than there used to be, although the smaller poker operators are still less likely to accept PayPal. Indeed along with 888, PokerStars is one of only two mobile poker providers to accept PayPal. Compare more PC-based poker sites that accept PayPal here.

Be careful though. Check the terms and conditions of your PayPal account – you wouldn’t be the first person to find their PayPal account frozen with funds inside. However, if you are from the UK and have a UK bank account then you should be perfectly safe.

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